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Jeep Door Carrier

If you are looking for a convenient way to carry your CJ-7, YJ, TJ,  Sahara,  Wrangler (4 door version will be next!), or Unlimited half and full metal doors  while you are out and about, then this is the product for you- U.S. Patent # 7293681.

NOTICE: I have fired my "manufacturer". I put that in quotes because besides charging me $720 (each) for three prototypes (that were all wrong the first time) and not offering to refund shipping afterwards, and then raising production prices on me to over $500 each, they really haven't produced anything for me. Wisonsin is NOT where my rack will be made.  

    What does that mean to you, my potential customers? Things are on hold until the Fall. The same manufacturer that is making my Garden Hose Guide (sixtoesinnovations.com) said they'd like a shot at making the Jeep Door Carrier. I won't be able to get them my prototype until the Fall, thanks to my primary job of Being in the Army.

 To build anticipation, photos of the production model mounted on TJ and YJ Jeeps, are on the Photos Page

Questions? Email me:
Support @ doorcarrier.com (remove the spaces before and after the @)

Here's an installation video.
Click on it to make it bigger!

Ever Get Ready For A Trip In Your Jeep And Think...

Do I leave my doors at home and hope it doesn’t get cold and dark (or both) before I get home?
I Want to take my doors off at the beach, but the highway drive there will leave everyone windblown, PLUS the ride home is a nightmare!
Friends or doors? Only one will fit in the back seat.
Along the way, it might rain. Do I want to risk getting wet by leaving my doors at home?